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none shall pass

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The Faces of Waffles The Corgi:

  1. Chipmunk
  2. Beagle
  3. Pirate
  4. Happy Yawn
  5. Lamb
  6. Squishy Face
  7. Rabbit
  8. Lion
  9. SnaggleTooth
  10. Greyhound

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  1. Child of RageA documentary about a young girl who was sexually abused when she was a year old. She has a desire to murder her entire family and carries out numerous disturbing tasks. 
  2. The Scariest Drug in the World: Scopolamine is a drug that when taken keeps a person coherent but makes them open to follow commands. It’s been used to make people steal, as a rape drug and a way to humiliate people. It’s known as a “chemical hypnosis”. This film documents people’s experience with it.
  3. Demonic Possession and Exorcism: The footage you are about to witness contains highly disturbing material. 
  4. An Interview with a Cannibal: An interview with a man named, Issei Sagawa who committed a pretty horrific crime. He butchered and raped a young Dutch women because he wanted to absorb her “energy”. He spent 3 days consuming her flesh. 
  5. The BridgeA film on the Golden Gate Bridge, which captures the number of suicides. Many describe it as a powerful documentary, that leaves a lasting impression.
  6. High on Crack Street: Shows just how badly crack ruins lives.  A great portrayal of the harsh, dark side of drugs. 
  7. Aokigahara/Suicide Forest: A geologist walks through the forest and shows us what he sees. Definitly contains some depressing material.
  8. Atomic Wounds: The effect of a nuclear weapon on a mass number of people. It’s disheartening, it’s horrifying, but it’s reality. 
  9. Just Melvin, Just Evil: A documentary about a tormented family who suffered from sexual abuse and substance abuse because of one man. It leaves you wondering how can one man be so destructive?
  10. Earthlings: One of the most intense documentaries made about animal abuse. Footage contains graphic material. 

Feel free to add to this list :)

Oh look more!

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To be fair, it was a really smooth gif. 





Meet the World’s Smallest Rabbit.

Columbia Basin Pygmy Rabbits are the world’s smallest and among the rarest. 

Miniature bunnies with iridescent ears. Happiness, embodied as a tiny ball of fluff and cute.



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tips for college:

  • no 1 cares if you eat alone in the dining hall
  • dont be scared of upperclassmen they dont care
  • dont raise your hand to go to the bathroom 
  • dont bring a handwritten sick note from ur mom

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My hair is officially normal now.. Oh and fried. Definitely doing lots of treatments for this thing. Thanks @laurenwiiise 💘 #hairtransformation 💆





how does porn make money if i can literally just search free porn

How do musicians make money when you can literally just download free music?

Musicians make a lot of money from touring

when’s the last time you went to a live porn concert

yesterday with ur mom

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My boyfriend.. <3 

I’m in love with the best guy in the world. He brings all the good in me. He teaches me how to love myself. He shows all the love that I deserve. He makes me the happiest. I can just stare into his eyes and have the cheesiest smile on my face. There can be silence while we’re on the phone, but it doesn’t bother me. Having him in my life for more than a year has been the greatest thing that has happened to me. It’s taken over a year to finally put all the bullshit aside and show the world I’m in love with this guy I call my boyfriend. Even though he’s 14 hours away, I’m willing to wait and stay by his side. Long distance relationships are so hard, but it’s all worth it in the end. He’s worth it. Our love is worth it. I guess that’s what love does to you. Makes you feel happy, yet crazy at the same time! But in the best way possible. I’m so glad I fell in love with him. He’s truly my bestfriend and the best boyfriend ever. I love you Brandon Alexander Sims. Forever and always. 💕



This is my face when I see couples kissing

Same ^

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Kim Kardashian tells Brody Jenner about Kanye West’s arrest when he attacked a paparazzo at LAX in 2013, proving that her husband is the king of everything. 

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